The Fort Hood Massacre was a terrorist attack that took place on Barack Obama's watch on November 5, 2009. No coincidents that this was exactly 1 year after Obamas election and welcome to his America. Then the libs have the nerve to play politics with the attack by pretending it was NOT a terrorist attack. Uh hello, its a muslim killing a bunch of people. How is that NOT terrorism? Im beginning to think you libs dont even know what terrorism is.

The aftermathEdit

It was a horrible scene. A somber reminder that the enemy is EVERYWHERE. Can we please just kill all muslims and crush this terrorist movement? There all savages who support genocide. People who support genocide need to be wiped out. NOW. It doesnt matter if they make some big show of condeming his actions, you know deep down they support him. They want to kill all Christians and they hate are freedom. They also think the Jews are all invaders and want them out of Jericho. There still mad about the crusades and how Cain killed Able and they want to take it out on all mankind. Dont even pretend this was some random nut pushed to the edge. Frankly though we cant blame this fully on Islam, its also the fault of Obama whos wife btw is a ho. Guns wouldve stopped this with no casualties, but Obama took everyones guns and no one was able to pull there luger. You libs may think hes mister perfect but the guy is a failure who only got elected because he had flair and tried the hope and change angle. Its no mystery Obama is really just a secret muslin and the mancunian cadidate though. He takes are guns, wants to triple healthcare costs, and he tries to make me put biodiesel in my van. Damn him to hell. And you bleeding hearts shouldnt even bother calling me a troll because sticks and rocks can break my bones but words can NOT. I am a PATRIOT. Bottom line is we need to destroy all muslims now or tons of people will be killed. Imagine being in Boston and having a view of Logan Airport on 9/11, thats how we will always feel as long as these muslims are allowed to be around us. Lets nuke Mecca first then ingage the whole Middle east in combat. Istabul will be the last to fall, then we can use the roads to get to are new glass parking lot which accomodates all are pickup trucks.

Religion of peace my a@@ Edit

Malaysian Prime Minister Rafael Nidal Hassan was a secret muslim sleeper agent who joined the army with the intent to one day commit a suicide gun attack. What other explanation is there? Lets put these people in camps because America is the greatest country on Earth and the only place with freedom and we need to keep it that way.

nadal hassan and some other dude. im not gay this is seriously the only pic i could find of him. i am NOT GAY dont even try it..


do NOT be distracted by the beautiful celebrities. turn malaysia into a GLASS. ISLAND. PARADISE. NOW.

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