The First Commandment only applies of your a lib I guess. It guarantees the right to free speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion. However, these freedoms do NOT exist under liberals, who have declared War on Christmas, control the press and try to make us all be PC. Libs think it only applys to them but in actuality it applys to ALL americans irregardless. It states that the media cannot criticize anything you say [1] and that the International Tennis Federeration can't fine women [2]

Freedom of SpeechEdit

Freedom of speech means that your allowed to say whatever you want and people who get mad about cant say anything about it. Freedom obstructors known as libs violate freedom of speech all the time by trying to say stuff about what we said.

Freedom of ReligionEdit

Freed of religion means we should freely be able to practice are religion. Yet people say "Happy Holidays" to us instead of Merry Christmas? That is oppression of my religion and is against the First Commandment. Also other religions try to throw there religion in are face like trying to build the Ground Zero Mosque. Remember that part of the First Commandment means that thou shalt have no other Gods besides God.

Freedom of the PressEdit

Whats funny is people cant understand the simple fact that we have a free press. That means that FOX News is allowed to say what they want and they dont have to abide by a liberal agenda. Yet the libs want to take them to court just because what they said isnt "true"? Stop infringing there rights.

Freedom of AssemblyEdit

Obama tries to crack down on descent by having his people make fun of the Tea Party movement. We have the FREEDOM to do that so stop trying to make fun of us.


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