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To prevent Glenn Beck from spreading the truth the socialists burned all his books

Farenheit 451 is a Ray Bradbury novel set in the future. It is science fiction, however it is NOT fiction because it is literally the future if we continue to follow Obama.

Plot Edit

In AD 2101, war was beginning. What happen? Sombody banned all books. This is similar to what the Nazis (socialists) who have frightening parallels with Obama did in the 40s. If you have a book you are dead meat, literally. They send a mechanical hound after you, which is a robotic dog that can smell you and will kill you. Also firefighters go around and burn all the books and burn your house down because you have books. One of the firemen is Montag and he discovers that reading is fundamental. He also meets a girl and they decide to read the Bible together and also such books as Atlas Shrugged, How to talk to Liberals and the Declaration of Independents. This causes the liberals to get upset and they send the dogs after him and he becomes a wanted criminal. However he is able to defeat his captain and head West where it is rumored that there are more independents like him and there having a tea party.

Themes Edit

Theres a rumor going around that one of the themes might be the dumbing down of society due to television. Well I can see how thats true with some of the channels that pass for "news" nowadays such as CNN, MSNBC and The Daily Show. But I watch FOX News so I cant really relate. They show BOTH sides. Other good shows for smart people include 24, Lou Dobbs and 2 and a half Men.

Adaptations Edit

1966 Edit

There was a movie in 1966 but it was directed by some guy name Francois Truffaut. Who the hell ever heard of that guy and lets get a real director like Mel Gibson.

Future film Edit

Mel Gibson was going to direct but something happened and now there going to get Frank Darabont who directs Steven King movies. In this version it turns out that Captain Beatty is a monster and an alien. Also deus ex machina.

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