McCain and Palin speaking to a bunch of Independents in Fairtax

The City of Fairtax is an INDEPENDENT city forming an inclave within Fairtax County in the Commonsense of Virginia. Fairtax is bordered on BOTH sides of the county.

History Edit

The city got its name because as an independent they realized we need to have a fair tax where EVERYONE is taxed the same amount. Equality. Its just Commonsense. It was settled in the early 1700s.

Arts and Culture Edit

Annual Events Edit

  • Independents Day Celebration Parade and Evening Show
The largest parade in the Washington area to celebrate being Independent.

  • Irish Festival
In September, a festival of Irish and Celtic song, dance, and music is held. Nice. Its about time we had a day to celebrate the Irish.

  • Festival of Lights & Carols
Wow just wow. Why isnt it called the Christmas Festival? War on Christmas strikes again.

Education Edit

It is the home of George W. Mason, the acclaimed university. The campus contains the Patroit Center.

Famous residents Edit

The baby from Lorenzos Oil. I forget his name.

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