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Something has survived

Exterminator 2 is a 1984 (good movie) movie which shows what will happen in Obamas America. It was called by many critics "the film of the decade" [citation needed]

Plot Edit

A group of hoodlums is doing what they do, as in killing people for fun. Exterminator notices this and lets them do it, but he also has a fantasy of killing them after words. Dont wanna get flamethrowed? DONT BREAK INTO PEOPLES STORES its pretty simple. The gang gets mad so they blow up a helicopter with a rocket launcher that there entitled to own under the Second Commandment, then they crucify a guard on the train tracks while saying a prayer to there messiah Obama. Exterminator gets mad and burns a tree. Then they kidnap a girl and inject her with heroine. Exterminator gets mad and goes to a dance club with his new garbageman boss to watch his stripper girlfriend. Exterminator has quite the life. I dont know what happens after this.

Cast Edit

Exterminator - ??

Gay black man - Mario van Peebles

Garbage man - Carl the exterminator

Man on street - Kimbo Slice

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