Protestor EnglishOfficalLanguage-1-

Lets make it offical

Respectarecountry speakenglish-1-

Respect are country like this patroit and learn the language

is the main language of the world. It is what we speak in America and liberals are trying to change that with there cult of multiculturism. Obama wants to make us all speak Spanish or something. Well anyone who speaks Spanish needs to go back to Mexico because America was NOT discovered by any Spanish speaking person it was discovered by the Founding Fathers who spoke English and thats why we need to make English are OFFICAL language. If you dont even know the language good then you dont belong in this country.

F the PC policeEdit

I dont care what they say about trying to make us all speak Spanish. America was founded on the tradition of speaking English and I am NOT giving that up because of "multiculturalism". It isnt about racism, because I dont even see people in terms of race. Im color blind really, I dont notice color. But I do notice that people who arent white are the ones who cant speak are language good. This is about respecting are country. That means do NOT speak any other languages, ever. Concentrate on your own damn language which is English. If you cant speak it, and you cant read it, and you cant write it, well than your not an American. In fact your probably a Mexican. So lets boycott Mexico and send anyone who speaks Spanish there because thats where there all from.

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