Elitism is the act of being a liberal and having arrogance, thinking your better then everyone else just because you went to college or read a book. Guess what libs where NOT impressed, and we dont need some guy like Obama with his fancy law PHD trying to act like hes smarter then us and should be are leader. Sorry but those peoples opinions are worthless and the only people I want to lead me are the ones I can relate to because I want to have a beer with them and they seem like regular joes. Average people are the BEST people.

Elitist ObamaEdit

Obama is the most elitist member of the liberal elite. Whats funny is libs saying we hate Obama because he was a poor black kid. First off Obama wasnt poor, his mom worked at a bank and hes a White persons son. Trust me, if youre raised by a White person you are NOT poor. The real reason we hate Obama is hes arrogant. Bill Clinton was also arrogant while being poster boy for tail chaseing infidelity, national disgrace and a walking STD but he has nothing on Obama. Obama was walking in the capital one time and he saw a picture of himself and smiled.[1] Elitist. Also all the books he wrote are about himself. Contrast that to humble authors of the Western world such as Michael Crichton who never wrote about himself. Obama thinks its a sin to do things out of his moral compass which is arrogant.[2] He thinks he shouldnt defer to Isreal, are greatest ally. Thankfully patroit Eric Cantor assured Isreal that as Americans, our allegiance is to them. [3] Obama has a Kenyan, anti-colonial worldview [4] and thinks we should cede U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations. He hates free trade, is associated with terrorists and wants to impower unions. He wastes to much money like when he takes Air Force One places. Couldnt he get there by just walk or via public transport? Also one more thing thats key - banks were bailed out by him. We need to get these banks OFF Americas dime and regain are rights as citizens. Get rid of Obama and ALL the insiders in Washington mutually helping each other. Lets stand up countrywide and vote Obama OUT in 2012 and back to the place where his family dwells fargone from America which is known as the African regions. A better person for his job is Sarah Palin, a real up and comer. I cant wait for her to be elected so we can have a President who isnt arrogant.




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