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Finally a computer that thinks Independently

Eagle Eye is a 2008 tearjerker about a heroic Independent computer who risks her life to defend the principles of are Founding Fathers and protect Americans. It stars Shia LeBeouf as a typical liberal.

Plot Edit

The executive branch is putting Americans at risk and violating the Constution, which has disturbing parallels with reality. So a computer decides she is going to be a patroit. The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants. Therefor she will carry out an operation to remove the President and his cabinet, as allowed by the PATROIT act. At every turn though, liberals who just dont understand that freedom ISNT free try to thwart her. At the end the liberals kill her, just like they always do to people who dont share there views. Wow, and I thought liberals were supposed to be the party of tolerance.

Plotholes Edit


Computer Edit

The computers name is Aria. Unlike pretentious liberal elitist macs and leftist PCs Aria leans to the right. She enjoys attending tea parties and believes in a strong national defense. In the 2008 election she held her nose and voted for Mccain. She has nearly limitless powers, and is literally as God.

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