NOT as popular as the sequel, Dumber and Dumberer

Dumb and Dumber is a 1994 black comedy film directed by the Cohen brothers and starring John Carrey and Randy Quaid. It was followed up with a sequel.

Plot Edit

Two friends must journey to Aspen, to return a briefcase to Mary Samsonite. On the way they meet an interesting array of characters, such as Seabass the Independent, and two hitmen who dont know what there doing. They outsmart there enemies and make it to Aspen where they find out Mary has been playing them both. What was all that one in a million talk. Finally the bad guy is arrested after a poorly run sting operation. The contents of the briefcase are never revealed, making it a classic McMuffin. At the end the final plot twist is revealed when a busload of girls shows up and asks to be oiled up and the two men usher them away: it turns out they were gay the entire time.

Plothole Edit

A police woman says "Hey Harry you never called" even though she never gave him her phone number. Because of this glaring plothole I really couldnt enjoy the movie.

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