I must find Wolverine on this, the day of his birthday

Dirk Nowitzki (born June 19, 1978) is a German basketball player who invaded America in 1998 and has continued since then to play for the Dallas Mavericks. He looks like Sabertooth from X-Men.

Career Edit

On his varsity team at High school Nowitzki was cut last and he decided to work harder and then came back and became the best player ever. No wait that was Michael Jordan. Anyway Dirk was okay too. After being drafted Nowitzki became known as an offensive force. Nowitzki was known for his good 3 point shooting. However it was pointed out that he had no defense by Charles Barklay. More people started noticing this and also that Dirk was soft. Nowitzki tried to fix this but it was to late, and the Mavs missed there window. There final chance was in the 2006 NBA Finals but Dwyane Wade was the dagger when he was able to shoot 1000 free throws after the refs accidentally called fouls on the Mavs on every defensive possession. Although the follow up season was predicted to be another smash Eddie Jones was the only secret weapon they could get and he wasnt exactly Excalibur so the Mavs were beaten in the first round and that pretty much ended things.

Personal life Edit

As far as his romantic life Nowitzki has bad luck with broads. Word on the street is that his current fiance is a conman. However he doesnt have as bad luck as some other NBA stars considering he has never been accused of being a raper. He and his friend that little Bilbo looking hobbit Steve Nash like to get wasterd.

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