I have no problem with LEGAL immigration. I guess Im a racist

Daryl D. Metcalfe (born November 9, 1962) is an Independent in the Pennsylvania House of Raperesentatives. He is a MAN. He is STRAIGHT, he enjoys UFC, Budwiser, Harley Davidson and Marlboro. MAN. M-A-N.

Controversy Edit

He didnt want to vote on some proclamation honoroing muslims, because why should he? Hes obviously NOT a fan. To me, that shows patroitism and recognition of how the muslims delcared war on us on 9/11 which the liberals still wont admit. Then some libs faked a letter to him that was an award from a White Supermacist group.You can tall its fake, the words were probably all squiggly. Mark 'squiggly' down under the 'ways librals give theirselfs away list. Another way to tell if its a liberal is anytime it says anything racist or there are misspellings or anything, then its a liberal plant.

Metcalfe also held up a domestic violents bill because he recognized that some of the language had to do with men, therefore being part of the gay agenda. For some reason this caused a controversy. Look, I do NOT want some some guy coming up to me in the street, trying to pay me for lap dances. I see this all the time when Im reading my harley, queens staring at me smiling thinking they can be my boytoy. NO WAY. Look, I am into WOMEN, especially those are who are slight whores. Men are NOT on my to-do list.

In response to Operation FREE, Metcalfe created a controversy when he said that veterans who support the leftist propaganda of global warming are traitors. THIS. Look I did NOT die in Vietnam so that some soliders could believe that the Earths temperatute is getting warmer. That is TREASON. Operation FREE, more like Operation DUMB. Oh drop the fake outrage libs, you know its true. A democrat challenger announced he would run against Metcalfe in 2010 in response to the statement about Operation FREE. Will he win? Doubtful. Obamas poll numbers show that people are fed up with dems. People voted for him because they thought he was a young black stallion who would bring us hope and change and some ponies he birthed. They thought he was the next JFK, well guess that doesnt strike twice? Lightning. Jack Kennedy was NOT a socialist and you Obama are NO Jack Kennedy.

Personal life Edit

He lives with his wife and daughter. His favorite movie might be Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles. People at his rallies chant "DARYL" like how they used to for Daryl Strawberry except in this case its not heckling.

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