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A pair of Kings with Queen kicker

Dana Marie Perino (born May 9, 1972) served as WHITE House Press Secratary for President George W. Bush from 2007-2009. She is a little hottie with a body and Id like to get all up in THAT. I am STRAIGHT.

Early life Edit

She was born in Wyoming but grew up in Denver, CO. She is an Italian-American but I just think shes American. I mean its like with these "African"-Americans why do they call theirselfs that? I mean I dont think of myself as a White American I just think of myself as American I dont even see myself as White. Im socially colorblind really. But these other people, there not like us and they see theirselfs as there race and as a White guy, as a White a White guy, that scares me.

Career Edit

She became Press Secretary when the heroic Tony Snow had to leave for treatment for his cancer. Of course the libs had a field day with that making all sorts of jokes at Snows expense. Theres no hate like liberal hate. She is now on Fox News, giving BOTH sides.

Integrity Edit

She is known for her deep integrity and honesty. She has been the person who finally came forward and said that there were no terrorist attacks on President Bushes watch. This is true. [citation needed] Its about time somebody in the media admitted that, because Bush deserves at least that much. [citation needed]

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