Craigs list is a list of things he wants to sell that became a website. Craigs brother (good band) is Justin and he created which is stuff he streams from his TV, and his ex-wife is Angie. The best part of Craigs list is his Missed Connections.

Missed connectionsEdit

You were my waitress m4w

You served me and we made eye contact when you came to my table to take my order. Later you came over and asked me out for coffee. I accepted and suggested we go out the next day. You then seemed really nervous and explained that you were just asking me if I wanted a refill on my coffee. I guess you were nervous because your just really shy. Thats ok because I am too thats why it was a good thing you asked me out first. Anyway, if that invitation still stands, I would like to take you out for that coffee? Tell me what I was wearing so I know its you.

It is NOT ok to contact this guy for professional services or w/e

Woman on interstate m4w

You were in the lane next to me on the highway. At one point we kind of locked eyes briefly when you checked your blind spot. Then you got off at the next exit, but like an idiot I kept driving instead of following you. Boy am I kicking myself now lol! Email me and lets get in touch.

Guy in bathroom stall next to me m4m

You were the guy in the stall next to me at the airport. I was the guy who was loudly talking on my cellphone about how Obama was taking my rights. While still on the phone I reached my foot under the wall and rubbed up against yours, because I have a wide stance and for no other reason. Tell me what color my boot was. P.S. I am NOT gay.


Craig was embroiled in controversy when the Craigslist Killer, Elliot Spitzer (D-NY) used their services to murder prostitutes all across the Northeast United States. I guess its ok when a dem does it. Double standards.

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