Christopher Columbus was the inventer of America and one of are Founding Fathers. He found the United States while on a quest to find the lost (good show) city of Atlantas.

Early lifeEdit

Columbus was an Italian who wandered around his homeland exploring cities such as Rome and Athens. However he craved some new spices to put on the spaghetti he was makin. At first he thought he could get them from the savannas of Africa, but he found only hippopotamus. Then he considered Asia but he was like "no way am I going to Asia. EVER." so isntead he headed to the the continent of Atlantas. However on the way his boat the Mayflower crashlanded on Plymouth Rock. Luckily Columbus had specified when he was hiring shipmates that he needs somebody who rows well. So that guy Michael got his lifeboat out which back then was called a canoe and Michael rowed his boar ashore. HereThis became the colony of Jamestown. Here Columbus would have the first Thanksgiving and the Boston tea party. He then returned to Europe to bring the Spanish Armada, which was El Nino the Pinto and Santos L Halpern. But by this time it was to late and America had been taken over by the British. The end.

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