He had to bulk up to play Batman

Christian Charles Philip Bale (born January 30, 1974) is an actor from the Nanny State. He is famous for playing Batman in the Batman Quadrology: Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and American Psycho.

Early life Edit

Bale was born in Wales, but he was NOT Welsh so he didnt have to put up with the constant racism and prejudice that the Welsh must deal with every day. There probably the most discriminated against race but THEY dont complain about it all the time unlike some other races which I wont name. (Blacks). As a child he took ballet, which all kids in the Nanny State take to prepare them for soccer which is literally the same thing.

Career Edit

Eventually they decided this kids gotta make some movies. So he made a bunch of musicals and gay movies. English people, go figure. Finally he took a straight role which was Batman. He was approached to play Patrick Batman in American Psycho, which deals with the period in his life that Batman became crazy from Jokers toxic gas. This recieved positive reviews so he reprised his role in Batman begins, which dealt with his recovery, and The Prestige where he fought Wolverine and Dark Knight where he fought Heath Ledger. This led to him getting the role of John Connor in Terminator: The John Connor Chronicles which was cancelled due to low ratings. He recieved a Best Golden Globe Oscar for the Fighter, where he fought Mark Whaleburg,

Personal life Edit

Do NOT make him mad. You wouldnt like him when hes mad...

Filmography Edit

American Psycho

Batman Begins

The Prestige

The Dark Knight

The John Connor Chronicles

Public Enemies

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