225px-Christopher Dodd official portrait 2-cropped-1-

He is dumber then a doddo bird.

Christopher John "Chris" Dodd (born May 27, 1944) is a scumbag democrat and lawyer with a warped since of ethics who is a United States Senator from Connecticut. Hes a real skunk and is responsible for the subpreme loan mortgage bailout crisis, the aftermath of which destroyed the American economy. This guy belongs on death row for the capitol crime of treason and his epitaph should read "Epic fail".


Dodd sold out to banks and as a result got paid a ton of cash money. He was the paramount benefactor of banks and there was no limit as to how far he would go to please them. Soon everyone defaulted on there loans and this caused a domino effect. Meanwhile Dodd pretended he was blind and deaf, jamming up everyone who tried to get his thoughts on the matter with his obstruction. He also made ramming the healthcare bill down are throats a top priority and if thats not bad enough he supports gay marriage. Look Im no puritan but theres a reason that the Founding Fathers made the American flag stars and stripes instead of a rainbow and thats because homosexuality is WRONG.

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