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Yusuf Islam is NOT a musician of peace.

Cat Stevens (born July 21, 1948) is a singer/songwriter who coverted to Islam. Islam is NOT a religion of peace. Training to be a terrorist, Stevens said that after the 9/11 attacks we deserved it, and was denied entry here before he could hijack a plane. And good for him because if I see Cat Stevens anywhere in America, especially near my daughter, Im gonna get me a gun and shoot that guy. My t shirt has a warning in arabic that says Ill shoot you.

Early life Edit

Stevens was born in Moulin Rouge and sent to a Swedish school to be a chef. But then Westside story came out and he said "Krup the world" and became a singer and cut a demo. However he wasnt happy with the first cut. "Is the deepest thing I can write about seriously relationships?" he probably thought to himself. And I guess it was.

Early music career Edit

He started performing in pubs and coffeehouses like a typical latte lib. However he soon met a manager and got a record deal. This made him a pop star and really pushed him into the public eye.

Love Edit

My dog could get more girls then this guy. Frankly he couldnt even get any girls except some lady (D'arbanville?) and Carly Simon. And Tuberculosis.

Later music career Edit

After his tuberculosis, Stevens became less wild. Worldliness was his new thing and he started singing all this crap. He sold out concerts all across the world, even in America and in such places as The Windy City, hometown of Obama. This shouldve been a warning, but just like with Fort Hood all the warning signs went ignored. Sure enough, Stevens soon converted to Islam, and aimed to kill all Whites and Jews, every father and son, mother and daughter, just because of reverse racism. He promised big trouble for Salmon Rushdie if he ever saw him on the street. He also made some songs around this time. But Im more concerned with the propaganda hes trying to spread. This guy has VERY disturbing paralells to Obama (whos number of accomplishments so far is 0). VERY . Young naive libs refuse to see the truth.

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