The bill was supported by basically all of California before it got caught up in a 187

California Proposition 187 (also known as the Save Are State initiative) was an epic ballot initiative designed to literally save the state of California. Passed by voters in 1994, it was designed to NOT let illegal immigrants have benefits such as social service, healthcare and public education. Even though it was passed it was overturned by activist judges. Wow, I guess your vote only matters if your a lib. I bet are founding fathers would love to know that democracy doesnt exist anymore. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison would roll over in there graves if they knew judges were capable of this.

History Edit

It was introduced by Republican Dick Mountjoy and passed by an overwhelming majority of voters and then signed into law by Governor Pete Wilson. However liberal opposition was strong because libs love illegal immigrants and breaking the law in general. In fact some liberals mistakenly voted for the bill thinking they were voting for a 187 on a undercover cop, because liberals hate police WHO ARE JUST DOING THERE JOBS. Also libs cant understand ballots as demonstrated by the precedent of Bush v Gore.

Challenges Edit

Liberals petitioned there activist judges in there pockets to do something about it and the activists struck down the law, effectively telling voters that the consittuoin only applies to libs. Wilson appealed the ruling and it went up to the 9th Circuit of Appeals before Gray Davis committed the ultimate betrayal and dropped the appeals which couldnt be brought again because of double jeopardy.

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