CNN is a "news" network founded in 1980 by Ted Turner to spread liberal propaganda. It broadcasts from the CNN Center in Atlanta and is a division of TBS (VERY funny).

Commie News Network

History Edit

They were a cable news network and back then they didnt have much competition. When FOX News started airing it got all the viewers because its fair and balanced, unlike CNN which only shows ONE side of the story.

Ratings Edit

It gets less ratings then Fox News, proving that FOX is trustworthier and better.

Controversy Edit

Studies have proven that CNN is a liberal media. There the reason Obama got elected and Ted Turner married Jane Fonda who is a commie liberal trader so thats just more proof that we cant trust them.

Reporters Edit

There reporters are

Anderson Cooper
Wolf Blitzen
Paula Zahn
Candy Crowley
Larry King
Nancy Grace
Rick Sanchez

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