Buddha grew fat off government handouts

Siddhartha Gautama was a troll who had nothing better to do then convince people his shtick was real. The guy used to sit around and meditate in mommys basement all day. He invented Buddhism which is a religion that promotes communism and is the national religion of Communist China. Also I think he lived on a commune. 3 strikes and your out commie Buddha.

Life Edit

Legend says that Gautama was a prince who was sheilded from suffering in his life, but when he finally encountered it for the first time he couldnt take it. Typical bleeding heart lib. Welcome to the real world libtard, no one said life was fair. So he ran away (typical lib) and became a hippy. He went delirious from lack of food and material goods, like the kid in Into the Wild. So he had hallucinations which included believing in a fake religion that says that we should NOT desire things. LOL. Yeah youd like that wouldnt you lib,

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