Brock "The Brock" Lesnar (born July 12, 1977) is the former undisputed WWF champion until his defeat by Cain Velasquez at Halloween Havok. He is a MAN who likes to drink Bud light and get on his wife. 

Lesnar has a 20 foot vertical leap

Childhood Edit

Born Barack "Hussein" Lesnar in South Dakota, young Brock had a hard time convincing people he wasnt a socialist. Growing up, a lot of people doubted Lesnar and didnt beilve he was capable of being the wrestling champion of the world. He worked hard to have huge traps and to prove them wrong. Mostly he did a lot of shoulder shrugs. He also invented a way to build muscle mass on your face.

Career Edit


Lesnar became a wrestler and was the Minnesota heavywait champion. However he dreamed of going pro and worked hard, and eventually was promoted to the big leagues. He became known as "the big thing" and was able to destroy his competition and become champion again. Eventually he was asked to take a dive and he said "No" . He retired and decided to return to Minnesota and play for the Vikings.

Football Edit

With the Minnesota Vikings Lesnar was known for his on the field intensity such as when he piledrove Brett Farve. Piledrived? Is it piledrove or is piledrived...I want to say its piledrived. 

Mixed Martial ArtsEdit

Lesnar soon tired of the NFL because its just a bunch of thugs. He decided to go back to a gentlemens sport AKA professional fighting. He entered the UFC and paid his dues, and then was awarded a shot at the championship after a few days. Lesnar won after Randy Couture fell victim to the F5 and immediately became the greatest champion ever and a better fighter BY FAR then Fedor Emilanako. However Vladimir Putin would have none of this, and he soon caused Lesnar to have radioactive poisoning to get Fedors competition out of the way. Thats the only way a Russian can be #1 at anything. U-S-A, U-S-A. Lesnar almost died thanks to the Canadian healthcare system, but Sable intervened and drove him back to America where he got better. Thats why I laugh at all these people who want socilized healthcare. America has the best healthcare in the world if your a millionaire, bar none. After getting better Lesnar continued to defend his belt until it was taken from him by some immigrant who shouldnt even be here. I am NOT racist.

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