Brett Farve (born October 10, 1969 in Gulfport, Mississippi) is an NFL quarterback and a trader.


Farve doing callisthenics during a game

College career Edit

Farve attended the University of Southern Mississippi College. He earned a special education teaching degree which the school gave him for teaching himself how to read. He was drafted by the legendary Atlanta Falcons following his senior year.

NFL Career Edit

Brett Farve became well known as a drug addict who used painkillers all the time. He also probably smoked marijuana first because its the gateway drug to painkillers. He was also quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. He was known as a gunslinger and a big kid just having fun out there. He went to two Super Bowls with the Packers in which they carried him. He won one of them. He retired and came back like twice and eventually he said he was definitely retired. Then he came back for the Jets. After a horrible season he then retired again, this time for real. He then came back for the Vikes because he assumed it stood for Vicodins. Farve did NOT want to be remembered as the QB who let Packer defenses get revenge on him so he told Aaron Rodgers "watch and learn sonny boy" and tore them up in both games as a Viking. A lot of people probably lost (good show) money on those games at Packer fans especially.

Records Edit

Farve is the all-time NFL leader in interceptions and fumbles lost.


He also might be gay

Off the field Edit

Farve is married and has two daughters, both of whom he hopes will follow in his footsteps. Farve is also an accomplished actor in his spear time, and although hes no Toshiba Mifune he still has had quite the career. He has starred in such films and TV shows as Theres Something About Mary, A&E Biography of Brett Farve and several NFL Films productions. He also owns Brett Farves Steakhouse which is literally a house made out of steak. He does NOT own Brett Farves deli, which doesnt exist...yet. Also he could open a Sonic franchise. They make good burgers. Farves other hobbies include texting pictures of his penis to that FSU chick and asking massesuses for a happy ending. .

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