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Moments later he dropped the ball

Braylon Edwards (born February 21, 1983) is a wide reciever (power bottom) for the New York Jets. He is known as one of the top WRs in the league. In a poll of quarterbacks, when asked who they would want to have a wide open pass to with the game on the line, Edwards came in 2nd, just ahead of Terrell Owens. One of the stone heads from Easter Island came in first. Those were the only 3 choices.

College Edit

Edwards went to Michigan and set a BUNCH of records. He was probably the best wide reciever they'd seen since Joe Montana. He is the only wideout in Big Ten history to have 1000 yards in 3 consecutive years. So the Cleveland Browns chose him #3 in 2005, vitually insuring his success because everytime the Browns draft someone with one of the top picks hes destined for greatness.

NFL Edit

Browns Edit

After being drafted Edwards played a few games but got injured in the knee. Him and Kellen Winslow bonded. Grosz. He came back and became the Browns top reciever. An impressive achevement. He went to the Pro Bowl in 2007 and was behind only Randy Moss in recieving TDs. Then came 2008, where Edwards really shined.

Just kiddingEdit

He dropped like every pass

Jets Edit

He then got traded to the Jets. And when your a Jet your a Jet all the way, from your first cigarette. To your last dying day. Capital J. What, got a prob with Westside story? KRUP YOU.

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