I have no problem with him being gay but why does he have to advertise? You dont see me saying Im straight (which I am)

Brayden Tyler "Brady" Quinn (born October 27, 1984) is a courageous quarterback for the Cleveland Browns (please dont play the race card). He is best known for being the second cousin of the kid who played Brad on Home Improvement.

Career Edit

College Edit

Quinn attended Notre Dame where he gave courageous performances all the live long day. He shattered, and I mean he LITERALLY shattered 36 records there, including some major records. Like Sergio Mendes. He cant even walk down the street in South America. He won so many awards and was so courageous that he was guaranteed to be a top 5 pick. But instead he was chosen in the 20s. His blonde girlfriend comforted him but he didnt need comfort, because he has courage.

NFL Edit

After being chosen by the Browns, Quinn was ready to imbark on a journey to become one of the great quarterbacks of all time. But instead he didnt.

Statistics Edit

Passer rating: low

Touchdowns: Not many

Interceptions: A lot

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