A bow is a gesture of weakness where you bend down in front of someone. It is practiced by gays and weakling and is popular in weak cultures such as the Japanese. Primitive and fake cultures such as Islam also bow to Mecca 5 times a day. Real religions do NOT bow to there God they clasp there hands. What are we living in caves people. I mean come on.

Obama learned to bow from the terrorists he pals around with

History Edit

The history of bowing is that people did it in other cultures but in ares NOT really. Well some guys did when they were going to dance with a girl or kiss her hand. But to bow to another guy is unheard of. I mean come on. We shake hands but we stand tall and look eachother in the eye. Hell I cant even look guys in the eye because Im such a tall man. I look down on them and let them know that they are NOT a man. I mean no offense but to be a MAN you have to be at least 6 feet tall. There are rules.

Obama contraversy Edit

Obama bowed to his Saudi

Obama is the Mancunian Candidate bowing to his Saudi master

masters, showing that he defers to them and is there slave. Wow I thought we abolished slavery but I guess the Dems still want it back which is why they fought us in the Civil War. Obama is a weakling.

Obama contraversy Edit

Wow just wow, Obama bowed to the Japanese and showed that he is truely weak. These were the same people who bombed his supposed homeland of Hawaii yet he bows to them? This proves that Obama was NOT born on Hawaii. It also proves that Obama gave the Japanese inside infomation that helped them bomb Pearl harbor, which was easy for him to get because he was born there.
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Oops I did it again

Future Obama contraversy Edit

It wont be long until he bows to the MALAYSIAN PRIME MINISTAHHHHHRRRRRR

Cultural references Edit

"Bow to your sensay. BOW TO YOUR SENSAY." - Napoloeon Bonaparte

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