I wouldnt even be that nervous if he was on my airplane

Bobby Jindle (born June 10, 1971) is the governor of Louisiana. Although he looks like one of them and has it in his genes, hes NOT a terrorist, they beleive in Islam and he believes in an actual true religion called Christianity. He is a Republican, unlike me who is more of an Independent (I put biodiesel in my truck for example. I look at BOTH sides).

Early life Edit

Jindle was born to some immigrants that came from Iraq and Republicans immediately made a big impression on him by the fact that they believe in NOT telling other people how to live, freedom, personal responsibility and like such as. He became a Republican and switched from his parents heathen religion to Christianity. Jindle was known as always being very honest and earnest so no one could have foreseen he would go into politics. But he did, and everyone in Louisiana is lucky he did.

Politics Edit

Jindle evisurated his opponent and was elected governor, and immediately became a rising star. Limbaugh himself has supported Jindle and sung his praises to all the Dittos. Unlike libs like Rangel or Biden (Joe) or Daschle he does NOT kiss Obamas a@@ and was one of the first people to second guess Obama on his volcano monitoring. He also mentoined meeting Sheriff Lee during Hurricane Katrina which went really well. He has great views on energy and gays and was given 100% on his pro-life record. He was looked at heavily as a candidate for President in 2012 after maverick Sarah Palin was railroaded by the gotcha liberal MSM media who were more concerned with asking Palin about Levi Johnston then actual substanstive questions. After Levis posing for liberal magazine Playgirl though, most of America has realized that the whole thing was a setup and there now on Palins side. Jindle might could run as her vice president though. Either way we need to get rid of socilism. See what soclists want is to have NO gap between the rich and poor and to keep things even. For all mankind to be on the same level. What capitalists realize is that goes against human nature and the cream rises to the top. To have free people you have to have a free market and to try and keep one group down in the name of "equality" is a crime against ALL citizens of humanity. Yet all the UN does when international law is broken is write a strongly worded letter so its up to us. So lets kick Obongo out of office.

Personal life Edit

He has a wife and kids and one time he delivered his own baby. Fathers delivering there own kids, now thats what Im talking about. The good old days. His clothing size is usually LRG or MED.

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