Billie Mays was a star baseball player for the New York Giants. He was known for his speed, power and the way he used to catch balls underhanded.
225px-Billy Mays Portrait Cropped-1-

Billie Mays at his Hall of Fame induction in Coopertown

Baseball career Edit

Mays was a constant threat to hit homeruns, steal bases, or both. He won Rookie of the Year, was MVP twice, went to 20 All-star games and once hit 4 homeruns in a single game. He is considered by many to be one of the top baseball players of all time, maybe even in the top 10. However, you have to put an asterix by all those records because he did it with the help of oxycontin.

After baseball Edit

Mays was so addicted to oxycontin that he became a pitchman and would sell it to people on TV. He became famous for pitching every product, which was ironic because he used to be a pitcher for the Giants. In 2009 he died of a brain anurism. They found many painkillers in his blood including cocaine. Add him to the list of great athletes cut down in there prime by cocaine including Len Bias and Andre Agassi. 

Depictions in film Edit

He was played by Wesley Snipes in Major League and by Pittsburg Steelers coach Mike Tomlin in Major League 2.

Nicknames Edit

The "Say Hi" Kid


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