William Harrison "Bill" Frist, Sr. (born February 22, 1952) is a retired Senator from Tennessee who was the Senate Majority Leader from 2003-2007. He was a compassionate conservative doctor who was remembered for his attempt to prevent the murder of Terri Shivao.


Frist became Senate Majority Leader in dramatic fashion after Trent Lott was forced into retirement by the PC police. He got to work immegiately and as leader gave the Republicans some great years of service.

Political positionsEdit

Frist is strongly pro-life and supports the death penalty, is against abortion and was against all forms of human cloning. He knew that stem cell research could lead to human animal hybrids like the Indian god Ganesha. However he later reversed course and we can only hope that this doesnt lead to the end of civilization as we know it. He also opposes gay marriage and adoption. Many of his positions are due to his strong Christian beliefs.


Frist has a personal fortune in the millions due to years of hard work and personal responsibility, but he has no desire to live lavish. Nuoveau rich people like Frist are too used to living modestly and therefore he donates all that money to charity like a typical conservative. The liberal SEC tried to probe his blind trust using there typical stockbrokrish namecalling accused him of being an insider trader like they all are but they came up empty.

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