Bill Ayers mug shot-1-

Airs mugshot from when he was booked for terrorism

Bill Airs (born December 26, 1944) is a terrorist who is known for launching the career of Barack Obama.

Early Life Edit

It was a typical Chicago story. Bill Airs formed the Weathermen, who would go around committing acts of terrorism and killing everyone without mercy. Airs himself bombed the Pentagon, causing much trauma. No one was saved. He wore #23 for the Weathermen.

On the Run Edit

Bill "Airs" Jordan had to leave Chicago to go to Washington, possibly to bomb the Pentagon. He joined the Wizards and had decent statistics. Later he supposedly gave up terrorism, but you cant trust that he wont come out of retirement again. He is considered the top terrorist of all time, winning 6 titles all though many of his teammates were scrubs.

Later life Edit

For some reason Airs was able to avoid prison and instead got to write books, including how he ghostwrote Barack Obama's book. He took Obama on as his deranged protege and one day in Mommys basement he told Obama to run for President and he would literally pull the strings from behind the curtain. Therefore Obama became the top contender for President out of Chicago. Hope and Change were just some of things that he promised and the mentally ill LIBERALS bought into it. All the people in the blue states think Obama is the messiah and a saint. Elsewhere the REAL Americans recognize that he is NOT. Hell you can just tell hes NOT presidential material from his name. Barack? How about a real name like George, Thomas or John Quincy. Me personally, Im an independent so I could care less what his first name is. But it shouldnt be Barack. What do you expect from a dem though, these guys are pathetic with people such as Obama, Al Franklen and Alan Grayson. Adam, Eve and Abel must be rolling in there graves that the descendants of Cain (liberals) have been able to wrest control of America and smash the Constution to pieces, pretending we have to give up are rights because the temperatures rising and global warming will kill us all, or pretending other people need healthcare. If its a medical emergency the doctors will treat them anyway so do NOT try to make me pay for other peoples healthcare by selling my house. MDs everywhere agree that all socilized healthcare is BAD and will lead to doctors whos skills arent very strong, medicine that has more side effects, waiting lists that last forever and death panels.

To this day Aeris has never been charged for his unHoly deeds.