180px-Big mouth billy bass still-1-

Ohhhhh Billyy

Big Mouth Billy Bass may look like a Largemouth Bass as first but hold on to youre horses, because this thing is actually a toy! Its an animaniac singing toy to be exact, and while at first you may think its a mounted fish, soon you find out its more then you bargained for! He sticks his head out and starts singing and your just like "What the HELL is going on?" 

Popularity Edit

Much like the Furby, Tickle me Elmo and Obama, the Billy Bass was a gimmick that swept the nation. Around 2000 to 2001 you literally could NOT set foot outside youre house without the fish singing to you and scaring youre lights out. Hilarious comedian Jeff Foxworthy says that if you have more then 3 you might be a redneck, but if he said that if you have more then 3 felony convictions you might be an N-word he would have been convicted of a hate crime and/or lynched and given the death penalty by Black race carders like Al Sharpton.

Quotes Edit

"Take me to the river...throw me in the water"

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