350px-Bhopal gas tragedy-1-

Its called collateral damage libtards. Support are corporations

The Bhopal disaster isnt really worth mentioning. Yes its unfortunate that a few people in India died because of some gas leak by Union Carbide. But look, war is hell. I mean, the free market is hell. You think these corporations got up this morning and said "Gee I think Ill kill some civilians?" NOT this. The point is that when something like this happens we need to protect big business. Its called supporting are troops. What we need is less regulations for corporations, small punishments (punitive damages are especially an outrage) and we need corporations to be allowed to vote and be considered individuals and citizens. But they should NOT be allowed to be sent to prison because that doesnt even make sense. How do you send a corporation to prison it isnt even a person. THIS.

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