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I am Forever Knight (good show)

Batman Forever is the prequel to the Dark Knight. It follows the adventures of the Joker before he gets these scars.

Plot Edit

Joker decides to play some jokes on Batman, so he teams up with Two Face. They rob the circus and Robin's family dies. Batman decides to teach Robin how to be a Batman and they are in cahoots together. So then they fight Joker and Two Face. Seal sings that he compares them to a kiss from a rose on the grey. Alicia Silverstone is also there, if you remember her.

Cast Edit

Batman - Christopher Nolan

Robin - Neil O'Donnell

Batwoman - Alicia Silverstone

Joker - John Carrey

Two Face - Tommy Li Jones

Penguin - Joe Pesci

Riddler - Heath Ledger

Mr Freeze - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Poison Ivy - The Bride

Commissoner Gordon - Ben Gordon

Quotes Edit

"Riddle me this: how did I get these scars" - Joker

"Its the scar. Chicks dig the scar" - Joker

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