The poster features the main character meeting Rama, the 7th Avatar of Vishnu

Avatar is a 2009 movie directed by James Cameron and adapted from "Avatar the Last Airbender", an anime from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan illustrated by Akira Kurosawa and the follow up to Howls Moving Castle in the Sky.


Theres this made up planet where every alien there is blue because they are avatars of Lord Vishnu (Muslims believe the dumbest things). President Bush suddenly realizes that God is speaking to him and telling him to invade. Darth Avatar rules the planet with an iron fist and he has been stockpiling WMD, so we send in the Marines to take care of business. Big deal some "innocent" people got killed, war is hell. You think these guys woke up this morning and said Im gonna kill some civilians? Eventually the Surge works and the liberals are proven wrong, because even if there were no WMD you cant tell me that the planet isnt better off without a ruthless war monger in charge. Semper fi libtards. Oh yea at the end the twist is that all the aliens are allergic to water or something. Shyamalan youve done it again.


The reviews is that liberals are trying to force there beliefs on us once again. However people dont want to watch liberal crap, as proven by the success of Grown Ups which grossed a lot of money.

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