"Hasta la vista Richter"

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger (born July 30, 1947) is a RHINO DIABLO who serves as governor of California. He was formerly an actor and now he acts like a Republican when really he is a liberal.

Bodybuilding Edit

At this time Arnold was just a skin and bones, and he thought that weightlifting wuold make hi fitter, happier and just improve his life in general. He joined the Austrian army and really got into pumping iron. And theres no iron like army iron. Lunges, squats and deadlifts took care of the legs but he really focused on the chest and arm exercises. He became Mr Universe, beating out everyone from every other planet. Tell ex-Mr Universe Charles Atlas to get lost (good show) because theres a new beefcake in town. He then decided that life wouldnt be good until he lived in America (no surprises there) so he moved here and got into movies.

Movie star Edit

After being cast in Hercules in New York, Arnold's stellar performance convinced studio bosses that this guy can act. He was at first cast as a strong guy in films like Predator and Commando, but soon was given a chance to show his range in such movies as Terminator 2, where he played a guy who was bullet proof. I wish I was bulletproof because somebody might one day shoot me with my many guns. Well not if I shoot them first with my many guns. Last Action Hero was a real letdown but Arnold followed it up with Junior and Jingle all the way which were box office smashes.

Politics Edit

Schwartzeneggar had enough of movies and the movie star lifestyle and wanted to give it up. He wanted to know how to disappear completely from the hollywood spotlight so he asked around and people told him to enter politics. So he ran for governor and won.

Governor Edit

Schwartzaneggar has suffered many ill effects from his long time steroid use. He is often paranoid and roids have destroyed his ability to tell right from wrong which is why he supports gay marriage.

Personal life Edit

You think talk show host Jay Leno drives killer cars you should see Arnold's humvee. Unlike the stupid cars these libs drive he actually drives a REAL car. MA police wouldnt have to investigate Arnold if he was involved in a Chappaquddick because hummers dont even sink. Then again they wouldnt investigate him anyway because hes married to a Kennedy. Double standards. Anyway you dont even need airbags in a hummer because there built like a tank. If any of you are interested in buying one it will be the best investment youll ever make.

Filmography Edit



Total Recall

Terminator 2

True Lies

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