Amy Bishop (born April 24, 1965) is a far left political extremist [1] professor who killed 3 people at the University of Alabama in 2010 because they wouldnt give her the National Championship. Bishop has a long history with crime but they were covered up every step of the way by her fellow liberals. She was known for having an obsession with Obama.[2]

Past crimesEdit

Like a typical liberal, she shot and killed her brother in Massachusetts. This was then covered up by the Democrat Congressman in charge. This has frightening parallels to Ted Kennedy. Later she sent someone a bomb in the mail. This has frightening parallels to left wing hippie The Unabomber. Finally, she killed a bunch of people because she couldnt succeed at her job. Typical liberal. Maybe you should do research on something thats actually real then like Intelligent Design.

Warning signsEdit

She was a Harvard graduate ivory tower elitist liberal who worshipped Obama as the messiah. [3]





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