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We should use his head as a soccer ball

Alan Mark Grayson (born March 13, 1958) is a bastard who formerly served in the House of Raperesentatives for Florida's 8th district. He is a pinko commie red who only knows how to namecall and cant respond to arguments logically.

Early life Edit

Grayson is from out east, born in the Bronx barrough of New York City. He attended Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Telling Cheney to STFU Edit

Wow just wow. Cheney had a right to question Obamas patriotism. The guy wants to bring terrorists to New York City. When Robert Gates had said we needed more soldiers Obama waffled. Obama is crawling around on his hands and knees bowing to other people which is NOT patriotic. He wrecks hamburgers by putting mustard on them. And dont forget he talks for days and days about hope and change and then doesnt change anything. So Cheney said his mind. Then this guy rushed in and dimed on Dick Cheney. He needs to watch his tongue. You do NOT insult the former vice president. Dont forget that when that woman voted against him he said she was a slut on the record. Oh and he also said that if you dont support health care reform your a Nazi who killed people in the holocaust. Dispicable. First of all what does he even know about healthcare? Hes NOT a doctor, and he used to smoke pot with Johns Hopkins and Sloan Kettering.

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