Al'Sharpton is a flameboyant black terrorist and a racist. Everytime he sees the chance to destroy a White persons life you can see the sparkle in his eye. He thinks all Blacks should get reparations even though hes like a 7th generation free man. MY people have suffered just as much racism as Blacks have (Im part Scottish) yet you dont see ME asking for handouts. This guy is worse then Hitler.

Tawany BrawnyEdit

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Sharpton is part of the Axis of Evildoers

Tawany Brawny was a black woman who claimed 4 NYPD officers covered her in paper towels and raped her then through her in a dumpster. She cried crocodile tears on camera but behind the scenes her cheeks were so dry as her and her pimp Sharpton organized the whole thing at the behest of ACORN. Sharpton literally terrorized the officers and maid them all loose there jobs. Eventually she was found to have maid the hole thing up but Sharpton never apologized or removed the bounty he put on there heads. The oficers lives were ruined.

Hymietown Edit

Sharpton said that New York is Hymietown referring to the Jews in a racist way. During the Summer of Sam he said the weather was "Sooo hot. Want to touch the hymie. OWWWWW" which is very rude. He said all Jews should be drove into the sea.

Riots Edit

Per Glenn Beck, it was discovered that Sharpton has caused a bunch of riots. Literally. He is trying to sue Beck but he better not because thats called race baiting.


Typical liberal AKA commie. His philisophy is viva zapata.

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