Abu Graib was a prison in Iraq where terrorists were held. It was shutdown due to helicopter parents who complained about the frat boy pranks which were going on that were hurting there precious snowflakes.

Sense when is standing on a box torture? I guess its ok when they behead us though because of "cultural differences"

Contraversy Edit

A trader leaked photos of some harmless frat boy pranks and the liberal MSM blew it out of proportion. Some of the pranks going on were naked pyramids, pointing at genitals, barking dogs, making you think if you fall off a box youll get electracuted, and rape. Basically all the same stuff I had to do when I pledged my frat. Of course the libs came to the defense of the big bad terrorists who were being 'subjected' to these jokes. They shut down the prison and made a girl go to jail for posing with guys penises. I guess for libs its only okay if guys pose with other guys penises because libs are gay.

At least we just leashed his neck we didnt chop it like they do


LOL. Reminds me of when we forced that stupid freshman to chug everclear and he died of alcohol poisoning. I hate freshmen

Frankly Edit

Frankly I didnt complain in college when I had to do the naked pyramid, thats just the kind of stuff you have to do if you want to be Sigma Alpha Epsilon and it does NOT make us gay. We are STRAIGHT. Look I dont enjoy doing that stuff with other guys but when you do that with your frat bros you are NOT gay your just trying to get into a frat. We have the most killer parties and get top shelf pu@@y so dont be jealous just because we get the hot sororiity girls because we are STRAIGHT.

Seriously I am STRAIGHT Edit

I am NOT gay. I have no problem with them but Im NOT so they need to just stay away from me.

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