There also complicit in the murders of hundreds of women in Ciudad Juarez

is a group which tries to register people to vote. They are the biggest problem facing America today.

Mission statementEdit

ACORN was created with the explicit goal of getting a Black/Brown man in office. To this end they stuffed the ballot boxes, registered non-existant people and intimidated voters in 2008 and in the end ACORN elected Barack Hussein Obama, the Harvard intellectual. After Obama visited Pennsylvania and told the voters there they were all belonged in the special olympics for clinging to guns and religion, ACORN knew he was just the elitist they were looking for.


ACORN stands for Anti-Americans Community Organizing to Register N-words. Whats funny is if I actually wrote out the last word I would be branded a rascist and arrested for hate crime by the PC police and have my career ruined like Dr. Laura, yet THEY can say the word as much as they want and they get hypersensitive when we say it. The fact that I cant say it makes me really mad and bothers me a lot, and its there fault for being hypersensitive. Anyway pretty much every crime in America is covered in ACORNs fingerprints. Tons of government money have been paid to these criminals and in return they have ingaged in conspiracies in order to elect dems, rape children and commit genocide of Whites.


ACORN finally got there comeupance thanks to a brave young patroit named James O'Keefe who videotaped them showing him how to set up a brothel where he could traffic in child sex.[1] They instructed him on how to turn his crimes into a good art, mouthed off about crimes they themselves had committed, and so on. He even found one woman who admitted "Ive illeaguily killed two of my husbands".[2] What a scoop. Even those clowns down in Congress in the District of Columbia decided ACORN needed to be punished for these crimes because this proved beyond a shodow of a doubt that ACORN was BAD. Later it was "supposedly" "proven" that the videos were "edited" and "fake". [3][4][5][6] Typical liberals, they dont like something so they use fancy words to dismiss it. Kind of like how the liberal media only shows one side of the story and not the "made up" side. Meanwhile for those of us who actually think independently, believe only what backs up what we already thought and dont jump to conclusions all we have to say is YAY! Lets celebrate the fact that we were proven right once again as ACORNs crimes have finally unquestionably come to light.

Video transcriptEdit

O'Keefe: "Yo this my underage ho"
ACORN: "We can't wait to grab her [edit] sweet can. Oh just thinking about [edit] her [edit] can [edit]. I just wish I had her [edit] sweet [edit] sweet [edit] s-s-sweet [edit[ can.
Andrew Breitbart: So ACORN, you admit you grabbed her can. What do you have to say in your defense?
Andrew Breitbart: No ACORN don't take your anger out on me. Get back! Get back! ACORN NOOOOOOOOOOO! [7]

List of crimes committed by ACORNEdit

Voter Fraud


Child Prostitution



And worst of all Breaking and Entering








[7] Dramatization - may not have happened