After seeing Bush's reaction, bin Laden admitted "we have awakened a sleeping giant"

September 11, 2001
was the day of the deadliest attack in the history of the world, when America was tag teamed by Iraq and Afghanistan in a liberal plot to increase the size of government. A group of Iraqis from Afghanistan hijacked two planes and flew them directly into the Twin Towers, destroying both skyscrapers. Another plane crashed into the Pentagon and one crashed into Camp David. Rudy Guliani proved he was America's greatest hero but by then the damage was done. It was the worst day in America's history, which is why Glenn Beck created the 9/12 project so we can always feel the way we did after that.

The Attack Edit

On the morning of September 11 a plane flew into the Empire State Building. This seemed innocent enough but then another plane also flew into it. This could be no mere coincidents and must have been the work of a terrorist. President George W. Bush was teaching children to read when he got the news, and he immediately demanded the answer of whether this is a coincidents or did someone do it on purpose. The CIA determined that it was probably either Bill Airs or Osama Bin Laden. Then when we found it was a guy named Mohammed who was the ringleader, this was our smoking gun. Surely the group were men on a mission from Bin Laden, proving that Islam is NOT a religion of peace. By this time, according to the same people who give estimates on Tea Party attendance, 5 million were dead, rivalling the death count of most natural disasters.

The Response Edit

Palestinians danced in the streets and Moslems everywhere celebrated, in fact a lot of Moslems knew about the attack before hand and they showed up on roofs of buildings so they could get a good seat. Also the ones in diners and cafes everywhere were really happy. These nasty boys were overjoyed. However Americans were NOT going to take it and immediately President Bush declared a War on Terrorism so we could teach the terrorists a lesson by invading Iraq. He assembled the rest of the Allied Powers and we sent in a strike force team to find Bin Laden and destroy him. In 2011 Bush accomplished that goal, yet the libs refused to give him the credit. Typical.

Conspiracy TheoriesEdit

Lib whackos wanted to blame the attacks on Isreal or on Bush. Whacker still they claimed it was a controlled demolition. On South Park this was parodied when they sent in the Hardy Boys.