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88 ways to die

88 Minutes is a suspense thriller starring Joe Pesci.

Plot Edit

Dr. Jack Gram gets a call on his phone. The guy says hi, letting him know that he has 88 minutes to live and today will be his last one. For 88 minutes Pacino must go around town figuring out what happened. He can NOT see who the person is doing this but he will find out. He thinks it might be one of the people in his class, and interrogates them in a furor, trying to catch them in a snare. Young women especially seem to be the perfect suspects. He tries to find all the students information, SS numbers etc. to see if any of them have been in contact with the serial killer who hates him and is the culprit. It turns out one of them is. How ironic.

References Edit

The movie recieved mostly unfavorable reviews, much like Obama who is the 2nd coming of Hitler. Or the 3rd. Richard Nixon cant even compete with Obamas bad poll ratings. Obama cant even go 14 words without using a teleprompter.

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