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300 is a documentary about what happened in Sparta when the Moslems attacked. It is based on the graphic novel Watchmen. It is a very popular movie among straight men.

Plot Edit

The country of Sparta is ruled by King Leotardus I, who inherited the kingdom after Johnny Sacchus died of cancer. There is about to be a war between Sparta and its rivals across the shore that has been building up for a while. The Moslems send a terrorist but the Spartans catch him. He tries to get them to surrender but Leotardus says that he will NOT negotiate with terrorists. He takes him to the well which the Spartans built so they can kick people down it. The Moslem makes Leotardus mad and he transforms into the Hulk and kicks him down into the well, reminding him that this is Sparta. Eventually the Moslems attack because Iran was able to build WMD and no one stopped them. The Spartans only have 300 people and are greatly outnumbered but fight valiantly. Eventually the Moslems win and try to take over Europe, which leads to the Crusades which was self-defense.

Cast Edit

Edward Norbit - King Leotardus I

Quotes Edit

This is MADNESS! You wouldn't like me when I'm mad...


You threaten my people with slavery and death. Insult my queen. This is MADNESS! THIS. IS. SPAAAAAARTAAAAAAAA!


All will know, that 300 SPAARTANS!