is an acclaimed show that airs on FOX and stars Keefer Sutherland as Jack Bower. It is known for being an innovative show where each episode portrays an hour in a day which makes up each season. It is NOT a gimmick show. It shows what will happen if we do NOT protect are borders and if we allow Arabs to live among us. Did you know that 1/3 of New Yorkers supported putting Arabs in detention camps after 9/11? Kind of sad isnt it...only 1/3.
250px-24 Split Screen-1-

An example of a split screen from the season 7th and finale.episode. SPOILERS

Plot Edit

The plot is that America keeps getting attacked by terrorists and Jack Bower needs to stop them. Which is easy for him because terrorists dont have very good training, have you seen those Al Queda videos? There like doing monkeybars and chicken fights. Meanwhile Jack Bower is skilled many fighting techniques such as being a bada@@. He probably knows krav-maga which is what Isreal teaches the Mossad who are all real life Jack Bowers and are literally Zohan. Bower gets called in to interrogate terrorists a lot because hes good at it. 24 teaches us that torture is NOT wrong and gets results so these libs need to shut up. If you had to torture someone to find out where a bomb was wouldnt you do it? Exactly. I rest my case.

Seasons overview Edit

Season 1 Edit

Terrorists are on the loose. Bower has to stop them. Something happens towards the end of his first hour on the case. Something happens towards the end of his second hour on the case. This continues up until the 24th hour when the situation is resolved. Also theres a mole.

Seasons 2-7 Edit

See above

Film Edit

Talks are in progress to have a feature film made on 24, to be brought to the big screen. It will be a fun popcorn movie.

References Edit

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